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    Our goal is to boost bitcoin acceptance globally, and we know that this goes beyond Úphold: Lógin goods and services. We're dedicated to making the whole industry safer, which includes discovering weaknesses in other projects or products that our clients frequently use for Úphold Lógin. To that aim, we created Úphold Security Labs to evaluate third-party services and products to help find, publicize, and resolve problems before they are exploited by malicious actors.


    Your privacy is extremely important to us, and it is our policy to protect and respect information confidentiality and individual privacy. This Privacy Notice describes how Uphold API products and services provided by Payward Inc.; its affiliates and subsidiaries (collectively, the Payward Entities dba "Úphold Lógin", "the Company", "We", "Us"), and the trading and direct sales services provided by Úphold Lógin (collectively, the "Úphold Lógin Exchange" or "Exchange") collect, use, and manage the personal information we receive from you, or a third party, in connection with our provision of services to you The Privacy Notice also informs you of your rights regarding the handling of your personal information.

    Regulatory Compliance on Úphold Lógin

    While we endeavor to serve all US people, the expense of maintaining regulatory compliance in some jurisdictions can be prohibitively expensive, causing us to make difficult decisions about whether the cost justifies doing business in the state for Úphold Lógin. Residents of the US states listed above can submit verification information for any account level for pre-verification. If your account has been pre-verified, it will be ready when rules allow us to serve you in the future. If you relocate outside of these states, your new address might be used for regular verification. Please submit proof of residency so that we may legally deliver our services to you for Úphold Lógin.

    Support for Uphold Trader

    Support for expert traders has been improved. Our objective at Úphold Lógin is to offer our clients an amazing bitcoin exchange experience. To that end, our live chat and comprehensive Help Center are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Through our Úphold Lógin Account Management program, we provide an exclusive additional layer of near real-time, hyper-personalized support for expert traders.

    Next-level trade necessitates next-level service. Clients that trade on our platform regularly will be allocated a personal account representative. Your account manager, as your primary point of contact for Úphold Lógin, directly addresses your inquiries and requests, allowing you to focus on trading rather than dealing with issues.